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My grandparents great friends Howard and Elizabeth Houck- Photos of the Houck Picnic and the Sewing Circle Group

Howard and Elizabeth Houck were very close friends of Grandpa and Grandma Keller. Great memories of the Houck Picnic every summer. Elizabeth and HowardAnniversary H and E Howard and Elizabeth Anniversary (2)

jan and louie with houcks 1975Janice and Louie Nash stopped in Rossville 1975 to visit Howard and Elizabeth. Jan and Louie were just home from honeymoon and moving to Lubbock, Texas so stopped to say good bye.


Mary Mclin,Christina Bowers,Wanda Parr,Maude Thompson,Helen Thompson,Velma Zlatnik,Eudora McQueen-Maudes birthday (1)

Laverne Zlatnik sent this photo of Aunt Maude Thompson at her 100th birthday party with a great group of ladies. L to R: Mary McClin, Christina Bowers, Wanda Parr, Maude Thompson, Helen Thompson, Velma Zlatnik, and Eudora McQueen. Grandma Keller and the other quilting ladies met at Aunt Maude’s house and they made some of the most beautiful quilts often auctioned at the Delia Presbyterian Church Bazaar.

Photos taken over the years of the sewing circle. I don’ t know where the earliest photo was taken or date. The rest are taken at the Howard and Elizabeth Houck farm north of Delia, KS. Let me know if you see someone you recognize.Sewing Circle 1One of the earliest photos of the sewing groupHouck girls club with Grandma Keller Laverne sent this photo. Grandma Emma on the far left. Elizabeth Houck second from right. Mabel Keller (Levi’s wife) far right.  Houck Picnic 1  Sewing Circle 2 Sewing circle 4Sewing circle 5Sewing Circle 3 Aunt Mabel, Grandma and Elizabeth HouckMabel Keller in middle back row and Emma Keller next to her half hidden. Elizabeth front row far right Houck Picnic (2)One of the last picnics at the old Houck farm.