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Mansion on a Hill

For the readers of Orphan Train comes the true story of a second wave of humanity that traveled to the Midwest by train. Not well documented in American history, over 100,000 pregnant, unwed young women traveled mostly by train to Kansas City – known as the Adoption Hub of America – in the early- to med-1900s. They would live in one of several maternity facilities before giving birth, signing their babies over for adoption and returning home empty handed and heartbroken. This is the first definitive work written about this piece of history.

The Willows Maternity Sanitarium was known as the “Ritz” or “Waldorf” of the maternity hospitals. It was truly a Mansion on a Hill and one of the largest of such facilities in America. this is the incredible, true story of The Willows and the compassionate, yet savvy business family, who started and operated the seclusion “home” from 1905 until its closing in 1969. With over 35,000 girls passing through its doorway, tales abound of Willows’ children questioning the “who” and “why” as they search for answers to their separation. Changed laws and DNA testing are sparking reunions more and more every day. The second part of the book “Voices of The Willows” includes moving stories of those whose lives were touched and changed forever by The Willows.

I hope you enjoy!