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My Little Valentine

My Little Valentine - KelLee Parr

This book is the true story of my mother and grandmother’s journey to find one another. The story is factual and based on my personal experiences, information shared by family members, and hundreds of letters between mother and daughter. Some of the details and storyline are fictional, as I filled in the blanks as best I remembered or expected they happened. By the time I got around to writing their story, both my beloved mother and grandmother were passed on. A few names have been changed to provide anonymity for certain characters and their families.

Wanda June Keller (born February 14, 1925)

Wanda and Leona found each other in 1991 when Wanda was 66 and Leona was 83.

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Thank you Trista Bierberle for your beautiful covers for My Little Valentine and Mansion on a Hill! and to Skip Keller for colorizing the photo of The Willows for Mansion on a Hill.