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Alfred and Celestia Keller Family (Grandpa Keller’s parents)

The KellersBack row: John Keller, Lynn Keller, Alta Keller Thompson

Front row: Ella Keller Thompson, Lilly Keller Worthington (Lynn’s twin sister), Levi Keller

Father's Day at Keller farmAt Lynn and Emma’s for Father’s Day  John Keller family (Lynn’s older brother) Kellers and ThompsonsKeller and Thompson Clan Lud Thompson FamilyLudwig Thompson and Ella Keller Thompson family  (Lynn’s sister and cousin Cecile in the back , Laverne Zlatnik’ mother) Thompsons and Kellers 1941 LavernsLaverne shared this photo was taken at a Father’s Day around 1940 spent at the Keller farm. Laverne is all the way on the left. Wanda is the tall girl in white shirt toward the middle. Geneva is on the left and Naomi is two to the right. Phil is right behind Naomi in the back row.

Four generations Ella, Laverne, Celestia, CecileFour generations: Ella Keller Thompson, Laverne Zlatnik, Celestia Keller, Cecile Thompson ZlatnikLinn Keller father's day question is Donald ThompsonAnother gathering at Grandpa Keller’s

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  1. Wonderful photos. I’ve never seen any of these. Many pictures of Grandma Thompson in later years she is in a wheelchair. Good to see this one of her standing up. I need to get a copy of your book, KeILee.

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