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Wanda’s school photos

Wanda and her siblings attended Nieve School. It was a one room school house about an mile north of the Keller farm located on the Potawatomie Indian Reservation. Christina Thompson Bowers (Wanda’s cousin) was one of their teachers. 1st Grade Lavern Thomas, Sarah Harrison, Lorene Thomas, Wanda Keller, Harriet Woods, (Thompson Twins) Miss Walker was teacher  This is Wanda’s first grade. Her teacher was Miss Walker L to R: Lavern Thomas, Sarah Harrison, Lorene Thomas, Wanda Keller, Harriet Woods    (Lavern and Lorene were twins) Nieve school with Christina Thompson teacherThis is Wanda in 4th grade. L to R: Christina Thompson (Wanda’s cousin), Bob Sumner, Dales Sumner, Leroy Houck, Lavern Thomas, Harold Dibbern, Lorene Thomas, Naomi Keller, Sarah Harrison, Wanda Keller, Harriet WoodsNieve School about 6th gradeMaybe 5th or 6th grade? Wanda is in middle in white dress. Naomi in back row third from right. (Wow the girls’ hair was cut short.) Geneva is three to the right of Wanda in dark dress. Bob Sumner is on front row fourth from right. Christina Thompson is teacher. Anyone else you recognize? Nieve and Blandin Schools 4-H ClubNieve and Blandin Grade Schools 4-H Club. Wanda is first on left in middle row. 

Nieve school Vernon and Everett on poles and Phil on left with cap in handsVernon Keller and Everett Sumner on top of basketball goal. Phil Keller on left with cap in hand. Mother with nieve school kids. This photo was labeled Naomi, Geneva and Wanda with Elevata and Doris Riggs in back. I think it is Bob Sumner on front row on right and Phil Keller is on back row right side but now sure? Help me out. 

Girls Delia HS Class of 41Girls from Delia High School graduating class of 1943. Naomie and Genevieve on ends of front row. Wanda on right in back row.Ben Simecka, Wanda Keller, Raphael ClarkBen Simecka, Wanda Keller, Raphael ClarkDelia High School Class of 19411943 Delia High School Naomi front row second from right. Genevieve on right middle row. Wanda on right top row.