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Wanda and Leona

Wanda and Leona

Leona and wanda at farmThis is a photo of my mother and Grandma Leona at the Keller/Parr farm when Grandma Leona came to visit us for the first time in October 1991. The book also includes Grandpa and Grandma Keller’s story in adopting my mother and Uncle Phil.

Wanda & Leona (2) Visiting at Leona’s home.Wanda and Leona on porch (2).Relaxing on Leona’s front porch. Leona and Wanda at airport (2)Wanda and Leona at airport getting ready to say good bye.

2 thoughts on “Wanda and Leona”

  1. Congratulations, KelLee! I cannot wait to read your book. I know bits & pieces of this story but excited to read the whole story!

    My Nook book order has been placed and will be ordering the paperback as soon as it is available.

    1. Thanks, Donola. I hope everybody enjoys my mom’s story. It was fun reminiscing all the events. I learned a lot about the Keller history too and think there needs to be a book devoted just to them. 🙂 Hope all is well.

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