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Wanda and Lee’s Friends and Traveling Companions

Wanda and Lee loved to travel and had some great friends and traveling companions as mentioned in MLV.  Just some of their traveling companions were John and Ann Sage, Leonard and Emily Dodge, Don and Ivaleu Miller, Harold and Letha Reser, and Charles and Delores Tanksley.

Don and Ivy in Jamaica 1977 The Millers and Parrs went to Jamaica in 1977.Miller and Parrs in Jamaica in water 1977Yes, they did get in the ocean. Nice farmers’ tans guys. 🙂 Parrs and Millers last night Jamaica 1-23-77 Their last meal before going home. They look sad to leave.  Harold and LethaHarold and Letha Reser were great friends and traveled with my folks quite often. Harold and Letha on bus trip  They went with Harold and Letha to the World’s Fair in Knoxville, TN in 1982.