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Lynn and Emma Keller Family

Lynn and Emma Keller were blessed with five children and thirteen grandchildren. Here are some of their moments for reminiscing about the good ol’ days.Lynn Emma and baby Philip 1920 (Willows maybe) (3)Emma and Lynn with newly adopted son, Philip 1920Keller family and Phil and Vernon (2) Lynn, Phil, Wanda, John Vernon, Emma, Naomi

Mother said she always didn’t like this photo because she remembers getting sick riding to Holton and her nice dress got ruined so she had to wear this old dress.


Phil and John Vernon (nose)Philip and John VernonGrandpa Keller John Vernon Phil (2) Phil, Lynn and John VernonWanda and NaomiWanda and Naomi (nice hats girls)Naomi, Geneva, WandaNaomi, Geneva, WandaLynn and kidsWanda, Lynn, Naomi, Phil, John Vernon, GenevaKeller kids on horseJohn Vernon, Naomi, Wanda, Philip, GenevaKeller Ball field The Keller baseball field Vernon, Bonnie Everett, Naomi, Grandpa, doll, Wanda, LeeBonnie, John Vernon, Everett, Naomi, Lynn Wanda, doll, LeeKellers and doll pic Cat and mouse (2)The cat has just dropped a mouse on Lee’s lap. Dad's doll 1946This is the little doll today. The photo with the family was taken in 1946 so this makes the little doll at least 70 years old. We think Grandma Parr made it. It has hand crocheted sweater and socks.  Phil KellerPhil Keller Keller kids and HughDelia High School Reunion

John Vernon, Geneva, Hugh, Wanda, Naomi

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