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Mother’s best friend, Genevieve Grace Matyak

Wanda and Genevieve were best friends all through high school and all of life. It was a special friendship Wanda so cherished. 


Genny and Wanda at Uncle John's house (George Lundin) 1942 Genny and Wanda at Uncle John Keller’s house during high school. Wanda stayed with Uncle John and Aunt Winnie during high school.

Image (4) Genny and Wanda eating watermelon. Looks like a contest. 🙂

 Wanda and Genny graduationWanda and Genny at graduation from Delia High School.

Making lye soap at schoolGenevieve and Wanda came to my school and showed my class how to make homemade lye soap like they had when they were kids. They spilled a little on the desk and it burned a hole in the desk. LOL

Genny and wanda at school 2 Lunch in the school lunch room with my 3rd graders.

Genny and Mother 50th anniversaryJane, Genevieve, Wanda, Elizabeth and Janice at Wanda and Lee’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. Genevieve had been battling cancer but said there was no way she would miss Wanda’s special day. It meant so much to my mother that she was there.

 Image (23) (2) The roses Wanda received when Genevieve entered their story in the WIBW Valentine’s Day contest for best friends.