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Lisa Ward

This is Lisa Ward from Manhattan, Kansas. After hearing about MLV, Lisa shared that she was adopted in Topeka through a Lutheran service in the 1960s. Amazingly, she was adopted on Valentine’s Day, so this is a very special day for her and her family. Lisa has not tried to locate her birth mother but by an accident, she did find out some information about her. She was getting a copy of her  birth certificate. Lisa said the person that gave her the birth certificate got a funny look on her face and realized she had given Lisa the information about her real mother and first birth certificate by accident rather than her adopted birth certificate. She apologized to Lisa but Lisa said it was okay and not to worry. Lisa knows her mother was quite young and  from Oklahoma City but hasn’t pursued trying to find her. She said she isn’t ready to search for her but she says maybe one day.  Lisa Ward 3-14-16