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Leona’s Family

These are all photos of Leona’s family.1922 Leona, Louis, Anna, Lola Cusick, Dale, Goldie, Iva CusickBack Row: Leona Hendrickson, Louis Hendrickson (brother), Anna Hendrickson (mother), Iva Cusick (niece)

Front Row: Lola Cusick (niece), Dale Hendrickson (brother), Goldie Hendrickson (sister)Dale Wanda Leona Millie (2)Leona’s brother Dale (Bud), Wanda, Leona, Millie (Dale’s wife)Leona Wanda Ruby (2) (2)Ruby is Leona’s sister-in-law. (Louis’ wife)At Leona's with familyLee, Betty (Orville’s wife), Orville (nephew), Wanda, Leona

Front row: Darlene (niece), Geren (Darlene’s son)Orville and Darlene Orville (nephew) and Darlene (niece)Orville  Nephew Orville

Ed Lola and Jim Ed (great nephew), Lola (niece), Jim (great nephew)jan and family with Leona 2 Louie and Jan Nash (granddaughter),

Front: Elizabeth (great-granddaughter, Leona, Bo (great-grandson)Leona and Darlene at farm (2) Leona, Wanda, Lee, Darlene (niece)Leona and Darlene at farm (3)Darlene and Leona at farmleona and familyWanda and family Leona and KelLee (2)Leona and KelLee