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Leona Wanda KelLeeGrandma Leona, Wanda and KelLee in August 1991 during first visit.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I am excited to share with you the story of my mother and grandmother. It brought me great joy to revisit some wonderful memories. Some of the events I had to write how I imagined they happened based on things my mother, grandmother and other family members shared. I hope you enjoy the book.

In researching the facility where my mother was born, I learned a great deal about Kansas City and its being the “adoption hub” from the early 1900s to 1970. So many lives were affected during this time and so little was ever spoken about it. I am amazed that I haven’t found one book written on the subject of “The Willows” or any of the other facilities where young, unwed women “in the family way” were sent to secretly give birth and have their babies given up for adoption. It was a topic not discussed and swept under the carpet.

My family is so lucky and blessed to have found my mother’s birth mother and for it to be such a positive experience. My uncle was also adopted from The Willows and I am trying to find information about his birth mother and family. His name was Timothy Brown and he was born on Oct. 9, 1919.

I hope this website and blog can be a forum for others to share as they search along with me for their lost relatives. Please leave any comments or information you would like to share for others that might be looking and can reach out.