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Is fishing an inherited trait? What about hunting? Gardening? Cooking?

Proof that fishing, hunting, gardening, and cooking are inherited traits.  🙂

Leona's haulLeona’s haul

Wanda's fishWanda’s haul

Grandpa and mother with fishGrandpa helping Wanda hold her fish.

Wanda ShootingWanda shooting Babe and Wanda's game (2)Babe and Wanda’s game

Image (5) (2)Leona and Bud ready for hunt.Louis Leona DaleLouis, Leona, and Bud (or is that Bonnie and Clyde?)Russell and Leona and deerRussell and Leona with deer and elk antlers from their hunting trips.Leona and bear rug (2)Leona showing Lee the bear she shot and had made into rug.Leona and dad in garden (2)Lee and Leona looking at her garden.Wanda's garden (2) Wanda's garden (3) Wanda and her garden at the Delia farm.Mother and kolachesWanda in her kitchenLeona in her kitchenLeona in her kitchen.Image (2) Wanda and Leona baked together at the farm. October 1991





2 thoughts on “Is fishing an inherited trait? What about hunting? Gardening? Cooking?”

  1. Love it! I remember fishing with Aunt Wanda and all the Keller cousins at Grandpa’s pond sw of the house. Fun times and wonderful memories! I also remember ice skating on that same pond. Aunt Wanda and Uncle Lee had made a huge bonfire to warm up to. I remember watching Janice s friend (I can’t remember her name) skating… she was good! I was embarrassed cause I could barely skate!

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