Mother’s best friend, Genevieve Grace Matyak

Posted on Mar 27, 2016

Wanda and Genevieve were best friends all through high school and all of life. It was a special friendship Wanda so cherished.     Genny and Wanda at Uncle John Keller’s house during high school. Wanda stayed with Uncle John and Aunt Winnie during high school.  Genny and Wanda eating watermelon. Looks like a contest. 🙂 […]

My grandparents great friends Howard and Elizabeth Houck- Photos of the Houck Picnic and the Sewing Circle Group

Posted on Mar 20, 2016

Howard and Elizabeth Houck were very close friends of Grandpa and Grandma Keller. Great memories of the Houck Picnic every summer.  Janice and Louie Nash stopped in Rossville 1975 to visit Howard and Elizabeth. Jan and Louie were just home from honeymoon and moving to Lubbock, Texas so stopped to say good bye.   Photos taken […]

Alfred and Celestia Keller Family (Grandpa Keller’s parents)

Posted on Mar 20, 2016

Back row: John Keller, Lynn Keller, Alta Keller Thompson Front row: Ella Keller Thompson, Lilly Keller Worthington (Lynn’s twin sister), Levi Keller At Lynn and Emma’s for Father’s Day  John Keller family (Lynn’s older brother) Keller and Thompson Clan Ludwig Thompson and Ella Keller Thompson family  (Lynn’s sister and cousin Cecile in the back , Laverne Zlatnik’ mother) Laverne […]

Meet Nick

Posted on Mar 8, 2016

Nick Belt was Wanda’s birth father. He grew up in Chatauqua County on a farm northeast of Sedan, Kansas. He passed away many years before Wanda had a chance to meet him. Nick “Burgie” Belt in 1939The Belt Family, Left to right: Roy, Burgie, Archie, Grandpa Belt, Grandma Belt, Nora, Mary (Charles’ mother), Bertha Suzy (Wanda’s […]

Charles and Dolores Tanksley

Posted on Feb 24, 2016

After finding Mother’s birth mother, I was able to also find relatives of her birth father.  Charles Tanksley was Mother’s first cousin.   He and his wife Dolores became great friends to my folks and they took several trips together and loved to play cards.  Dolores and Charles Tanksley Dolores and Lee square dancing out […]

Leona and Wanda enjoying music

Posted on Feb 20, 2016

Leona and Wanda both loved music but couldn’t carry a tune. Something they shared in common. This is Grandma Leona’s 1910 Edison Phonograph that belonged to her grandfather. We had a great time listening to all the old songs.

Baby Marcia

Posted on Feb 6, 2016

Marcia Hendrickson/Wanda June Keller Born Valentine’s Day February 14, 1925 Wanda JuneAlmost 2 years old  Getting ready to water the gardenWanda with broken nose from playing ballGraduation/Prom DressHigh school days at Uncle John’s house in DeliaWanda played for the Topeka Oilers. (smile Wanda) Signed to LeeWedding photo Dec. 28, 1946  

Is fishing an inherited trait? What about hunting? Gardening? Cooking?

Posted on Jan 29, 2016

Proof that fishing, hunting, gardening, and cooking are inherited traits.  🙂 Leona’s haul Wanda’s haul Grandpa helping Wanda hold her fish. Wanda shooting Babe and Wanda’s game Leona and Bud ready for hunt.Louis, Leona, and Bud (or is that Bonnie and Clyde?)Russell and Leona with deer and elk antlers from their hunting trips.Leona showing Lee the bear […]

Wanda and Leona

Posted on Jan 25, 2016
Wanda and Leona

This is a photo of my mother and Grandma Leona at the Keller/Parr farm when Grandma Leona came to visit us for the first time in October 1991.