My grandparents great friends Howard and Elizabeth Houck- Photos of the Houck Picnic and the Sewing Circle Group

Posted on Mar 20, 2016

Howard and Elizabeth Houck were very close friends of Grandpa and Grandma Keller. Great memories of the Houck Picnic every summer.  Janice and Louie Nash stopped in Rossville 1975 to visit Howard and Elizabeth. Jan and Louie were just home from honeymoon and moving to Lubbock, Texas so stopped to say good bye.   Photos taken […]

Two Peas in a Separated Pod

Posted on Mar 20, 2016

Two Peas In A Separated Pod is a true story. Take a journey with two women on the road to discoveries and realizations. Jeannie and Carole write about their lives growing up. Each is unaware of the other. Jeannie is raised in the Bronx, New York. She grows up knowing that she is adopted and […]

Lisa Ward

Posted on Mar 20, 2016

This is Lisa Ward from Manhattan, Kansas. After hearing about MLV, Lisa shared that she was adopted in Topeka through a Lutheran service in the 1960s. Amazingly, she was adopted on Valentine’s Day, so this is a very special day for her and her family. Lisa has not tried to locate her birth mother but […]

Alfred and Celestia Keller Family (Grandpa Keller’s parents)

Posted on Mar 20, 2016

Back row: John Keller, Lynn Keller, Alta Keller Thompson Front row: Ella Keller Thompson, Lilly Keller Worthington (Lynn’s twin sister), Levi Keller At Lynn and Emma’s for Father’s Day  John Keller family (Lynn’s older brother) Keller and Thompson Clan Ludwig Thompson and Ella Keller Thompson family  (Lynn’s sister and cousin Cecile in the back , Laverne Zlatnik’ mother) Laverne […]

Meet Nick

Posted on Mar 8, 2016

Nick Belt was Wanda’s birth father. He grew up in Chatauqua County on a farm northeast of Sedan, Kansas. He passed away many years before Wanda had a chance to meet him. Nick “Burgie” Belt in 1939The Belt Family, Left to right: Roy, Burgie, Archie, Grandpa Belt, Grandma Belt, Nora, Mary (Charles’ mother), Bertha Suzy (Wanda’s […]

Wanda’s house

Posted on Mar 6, 2016

Wanda loved the home she grew up in and was so happy when she and Lee got to move back to the farm. She did a major remodeling when they moved on the farm in 1968. Another major remodel was done by her nephew Randy Sumner the summer of 1991, the year she met her […]

The Flying P Farm

Posted on Mar 5, 2016

Welcome to the Flying P Farm.   Leroy C & Wanda J Parr. Lee on his tractor  The old farm pump and steps where Dad and I sat when I broke the news about finding Grandma Leona.

Holton Recorder and St. Marys Star Article

Posted on Mar 1, 2016

Thanks to my cousin Leslie for getting this article in the Holton Recorder and St. Marys Star.

Keller/Parr Farm

Posted on Feb 28, 2016

These are photos from different time periods of the farm. Sadly the farm is abandoned today. Many of the buildings are gone, falling down or in bad disarray.   Keller Farm Parr FarmLassie down at the creek.

Lynn and Emma Keller Family

Posted on Feb 26, 2016

Lynn and Emma Keller were blessed with five children and thirteen grandchildren. Here are some of their moments for reminiscing about the good ol’ days.Emma and Lynn with newly adopted son, Philip 1920 Lynn, Phil, Wanda, John Vernon, Emma, Naomi Mother said she always didn’t like this photo because she remembers getting sick riding to Holton […]