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Baby Marcia

Marcia Hendrickson/Wanda June Keller

Born Valentine’s Day February 14, 1925

Baby Marcia... Wanda (2)

Baby WandaWanda JuneWanda at not quite 2Almost 2 years old

Wanda in early gardening days Getting ready to water the gardenWanda broken nose (3)Wanda with broken nose from playing ballWanda prom and graduationGraduation/Prom DressWanda white pantsHigh school days at Uncle John’s house in DeliaBaseball teamWanda played for the Topeka Oilers. (smile Wanda)Wanda in 20s Signed to LeeWanda's wedding photo 1948Wedding photo Dec. 28, 1946


1 thought on “Baby Marcia”

  1. Such a beautiful lady…. from beginning to the end. No only in physical appearance, but soul and spirit. Loved her dearly! When Terry and I had the church in Mayetta, she brought Mom to a Mother’s Day Banquet I put on. She was such a blessing! One of the mother’s there was having trouble with her little girl, so Aunt Wanda took her outside and took her for a little walk down Main St. of Mayetta. She didn’t have to do that! Just an example of her big heart.

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